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My clients are my passion, and I go the extra mile to make sure they’re satisfied. Want to know more? Check out the list of FAQ below and let me know if you’d like more graphic design  information.

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frequently asked questions

  • When should I start my paper order?
    For Weddings: If you plan on sending Save the Dates, we need to begin your order 8-9 months before your wedding date. Otherwise, custom wedding paper should begin 6 months before your wedding date. In need of wedding paper on a much faster timeline? Send an inquiry and include RUSH. For Events: If you plan on sending Save the Dates, we need to begin your order 5-6 months before your event date. Inquiry for RUSH orders.
  • How many suites should I order?
    It's best to count households, not people. My "simple math" concept assumes that if you are planning for a 150 person wedding, you should order half plus 10% in suites. So, half of 150 is 75 plus another 10 (10% of 150) just to be safe.
  • Do you offer custom venue painting or drawings?
    Yes! We can add this to any wedding paper design with a simple upcharge.
  • Once received, will I need to assemble my order?"
    Custom wedding paper will arrive mostly assembled. We take care of most of the assembly prior to shipment.
  • I purchased invites elsewhere. Can I still order Day-Of Paper?
    Yes!! I can create custom Day-Of Paper inspired from invitations purchased elsewhere. A Day-Of design fee of $125 will apply. It'll be well worth the investment! Day-Of paper always adds a luxe feel to your wedding day.
  • Do you offer koozies, napkins and guest welcome items?"
    Absolutely!!! Your custom wedding design can be added to ANY printed material. That's koozies, napkins, welcome bags, wax seals, welcome notes & itineraries, lounge pillows, cups, match boxes and much more!
  • How long does a branding project take?
    Branding projects typically take about 6-8 weeks to complete based on the fluidity of the project.
  • How long does a logo project take?
    Logo creation generally takes 3-5 weeks depending on the fluidity of the project.
  • Do you provide marketing materials or do I need my own printer?
    Either way works for me! I always offer to print your branded marketing materials, but you have the option of using your own printing company.
  • Do you have an hourly fee for small projects?
    Yes! My hourly charge is $65 per hour. If you have a small project, I can simply bill you by the hour. (Minimum fee is $45)
  • I need an in-house designer. Do you offer retainer pricing?
    Yes! Need me on a more consistent basis for monthly marketing campaigns or other material? I absolutely work on retainers. Contact me for retainer packages and perks.
  • How should I prepare for my consultation?
    Don't fret! You'll receive an email confirmation with all of the details you need for our one-on-one consultation.
  • Do you provide RAW files?
    RAW files are based on the type of project. Generally only branding clients will recieve RAW Files for their projects. Other clients will recieve printed or imprint products. All files are released via Dropbox link or via email.
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