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The Fine Details


  • Our Collection Suites are intentionally designed.  We cannot offer major changes to any Collection piece beyond the personalization options stated on the product page.

  • When you receive a proof, it is your responsibility to review it for any errors, such as spelling, date, or punctuation.  Once your item has been approved and is sent to print, we cannot make any further changes.  If your item has been sent to print with an error that you failed to correct during the proofing process, you will be responsible for any reprinting costs.



  • Once your order has been placed, you will receive a digital proof within 7 business days.  If your order includes a custom monogram or artwork, proofing time will take up to an additional 4 weeks.  If you fail to include any required information on your order (such as event date, location, etc.) we cannot proceed with your order until such information has been provided to us.  We may follow up with you regarding this information, but it is ultimately your sole responsibility to provide us with complete information.  The design of your piece will not begin until we have complete information from you; therefore, all production timelines which may have been provided to you cannot be guaranteed until and unless you provide us with all necessary details and information.  

  • If you choose to include a photograph on your item (such as on the back of your save the date) you are responsible for providing it to us in a timely manner and in a high-resolution image format.  Failure to do so may incur further delays in the proofing and/or production timelines.  

  • We are not responsible for any delays that may occur in the design and production of your order due to your failure to provide us with any and all necessary information.


Any and all pricing listed on this website represents the full retail price in United States dollars.  We are required to collect sales tax from you even if you reside in a state wherein we have no physical presence, pursuant to South Dakota v. Wayfair.



  • Shipping costs are included in your total.  All physical orders are shipped via UPS Standard Ground, which may take between 3-7 business days depending on your location.  Once an order is shipped, we can no longer be responsible for its handling.  

  • A tracking number will automatically be assigned to the shipment, but we will have no access to information regarding progress of the shipment beyond the tracking information provided by UPS.  Because we ultimately cannot control the final timeline of the shipment once it has been turned over to UPS, we strongly encourage you to place your order as early as possible to avoid any delays.  We are not responsible for any loss(es), delay(s), or damage(s) incurred during shipment.


Because our products are made specifically to your specifications, orders are not eligible for return, exchange, or cancellation.  If there is a printing error due to a mistake on our part, the item will be reprinted at no cost to you.  If there is an error in the proof provided to you and you approve the incorrect design and/or wording, you will be responsible for the cost of reprinting.


We strongly respect your privacy.  In order to fulfill your order, we may require that you provide us with certain personal information.  Such information will not be used for any purpose beyond communicating with you and fulfilling your order.  We will never share or sell your information with or to any third party.  For more details, please read our Privacy Policy.


All designs, images, works of art, and products displayed, advertised, and/or sold on this website or on any item you order therefrom are the sole property and copyright of Shayla Parker Design, LLC, unless explicitly indicated otherwise.  All designs, images, works of art, and products used and/or conveyed during the proofing process are the sole property and copyright of Shayla Parker Design, LLC.  These designs, images, and works of art may not be used for personal use, reproduction, creation of derivative works, or otherwise.  All content on this website is copyrighted upon its creation, and is governed by the United States Copyright Act of 1976 (USCA).  No design, image, work of art, or product sold on this website or provided to you at any stage of the design process shall be deemed a work made for hire under the USCA unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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