Frequently Asked Questions

Custom vs. Personalization

Custom design for invitations are different from personalized invites. Personalized invites merely insert your name and event information into a pre-made design. Custom invitation design is made completely from scratch- several hours will go into making your dream invitation. The possibilities are endless!

What if I don't like the design?


For any reason, you dislike your initial proof- We change the direction of the design process and go back to the storyboard for inspiration. My refund policy is included in the Terms & Conditions attached. Any refund will be billed in hours worked.

Compare Pricing


If you are comparing prices, be sure to check pricing with other graphic designers in the area prior to making your decision. Remember, that your product will not be pre-made for personalization. Sites like Etsy are not the best source of price comparison for Custom orders.

How will you come up with my design?


The very first step in my design service is to find out what you envision for your custom project. I will spend 30 minutes with you by phone or video chat going over paper selection, color palette, inspirational images and font choices. This is the “STORYBOARD” phase and the basis of your project design. From the Storyboard, I will create a custom design based on the ideas we agreed upon during the consultation. Afterwards, we will go back and forth with a short series of proofs- changing the small details and when it's perfect, Ta-Da! Your custom design will be born!